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Our products


Aluminium is versatile and the light metal can be further processed with simple tools. The metal has a long service life, good corrosion resistance and various surfaces from high gloss to silver matt. Due to these properties, the material is used in many areas.

Our offering includes:

  • Rolled: Heat Treated, Not-heat Treated

  • Extrusion: Round  & Square, Tube & Pipe

  • Casting

Properties of aluminium:
- Low density
- Easy to edit
- Smooth surface
- Lower dimensional tolerances
- Not magnetizable
- Can be very well anodized decoratively (depending on the alloy)
- Suitable for use in the food sector (EN 602)
- Good machinability (depending on strength and alloying elements)

Tool Steel

Tool steels are mainly used for mould structures and mould inserts in plastic injection moulding, for cutting tools, punching tools, embossing tools, drawing tools and pressing tools as well as in die casting.

Our offering includes:

  • Cold Work

  • Hot Work

  • Plastic Mould

  • High Speed

Special Materials

Our offering includes also industry specific solutions:

  • Aerospace

  • Defense

  • Marine Grade